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The Grissen Beheer BV has been founded on 1 January 2008.

Already at a very young age audio and music was a passion of founder J.C.A. Grissen. That this hobby would develop into a business enterprise, he never had been able to suspect. After a study technical business administration on the HTS in Groningen he would keep himself firstly busy with its other passions, namely old construction work and computers. But the hobby in highend audio never ceased and continued itself by the regular upgrading of my own audio system. This upgrading made that equipment had to be bought and sold. By the many years' experience with buying and selling of computer systems this appeared to be a successful combination and was fast noticed by others, as a result of which they became in fact my first customers. Developments went so fast that on 2 Augustus 2002, Highend-Broker was founded.

Highend Broker vof

Torenweg 31

9774PH Adorp

the Netherlands

CEO:J.C.A. Grissen

Chamber of commerce number:53813170 Noord Nederland

Vat Number:NL8510.28.299.B01